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AC3’s blockchain network is the global leader in secure decentralized digital content transactions 

March 1st, 2018, SAN FRANCISCO – AC3, a notable player in the digital content and education marketplace, just released its next generation digital wallet. The new AC3 wallet includes a Discover™ feature that allows users to both search and pay AC3 content creators and educators directly from their digital wallet.

AC3 is a multi-purpose blockchain that allows content creators and educators to distribute, protect and monetize their content. AC3’s mission is to provide creators with a way to generate sustainable recurring monthly income through memberships and exclusive content purchases while retaining control over content distribution and security.

AC3 has several innovative wallet features in development that will revolutionize how creators protect and deliver content. These features are recurring payments and Proof of Creation (digital copywriting), which allows creators to fully own and distribute their exclusive content directly to a user’s AC3 wallet while the creator receives monthly payments directly to their AC3 wallet. The ability to protect a creator’s content by using cryptographic hashes to prevent the sharing and downloading of a creator’s exclusive content is a seismic advance in digital content distribution.

While there is a lot of noise and excitement around ICOs, AC3 built and released a functional blockchain, secure wallet and established a network of users. The AC3 ecosystem is gaining user velocity and highlights over 30 content creator partnerships spanning five countries in the latest wallet release. AC3 is self-funded and skipped the crowdfunding process to focus on using blockchain technology to build and deploy AC3 coins to actual users.

The AC3 network is comprised of full-node desktop wallets on Windows, OSX and Linux that support the AC3 network’s transactions, making it truly peer-to-peer. AC3 has had over 118,000 blockchain transactions in a short period of time, which is a testament to the security, functionality and user experience of the wallet.

Active users are one key metric in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. AC3 is on pace to add hundreds of partnerships with creators and educators as well as gain over 100,000 active users in the coming months through their expanding network of strategic partnerships. An AC3 partner benefits from exposure and access to AC3’s existing users and millions of followers, students and fans that will utilize AC3’s technology.




Join the future: if you create content worth owning or a company focused on leveraging technology to reshape the future of content and want to join our network in a strategic partnership, please contact us at

About AC3: the AC3 team has a history of successfully building and growing tech-centric platforms. The AC3 team are content creators and educators themselves reaching over 2.5 million creators, designers and software developers every month. AC3 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hacksaw International Incorporated.

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